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Global Warming, now climate change – Public interest is Cooling Off


The science is not conclusive, for more scientific data point to the complexity of earth’s climate activity

1st premise

More nations are abandoning policies against carbon emission control, and the general public has other pressing needs

2nd premise

More and more data substantiate the fact that computer models are not as reliable in predicting future weather patterns. In a Sept. 19, 2014, WSJ article, former undersecretary of science in the Energy Dept. Dr. Steven Koonin stated that climate science and global warming implications are not ‘settled’ and emphasized that ‘as far as computer models go, there isn’t a useful consensus at the level of detail relevant to assessing human influences.’ While he believes human activity does contribute to a certain level of climate change through greenhouse gases, he also stressed that it is ‘physically small in relation to the climate system as a whole,’ that anthropomorphic carbon dioxide emissions ‘directly shift the atmosphere’s natural gas greenhouse effect by only 1% to 2%.’

Dr. Koonin, a 40-year veteran of scientific research and management and a computational physicist by trade, acknowledges the limitations of the models. With the science still very much in need of further research, nations in Western Europe and elsewhere that had originally embraced climate change policies have begun to implement measures antithetical to the agenda. As for China and India, the two largest developing economies in the world, they have shown no interest in partaking in the global effort to address the issue. Meanwhile, climate change is no longer a major topic (besides for the globalist 1-percenters) that is as important as a good-paying job, staying employed or even keeping your health insurance or doctor.

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