Posted by on July 26, 2017

Gun Controls crime – Laws are broken (by criminals)


​Criminals break the law including gun control measures

     1st premise

Criminals run from guns

     2nd premise


Given the nature of law enforcement which always involves a reactionary stance by the police, i.e., actions are taken after a crime has been committed, the most effective deterrent is an armed civilian who can surprise the criminal that is unaware of her self-defense abilities with a weapon.  By definition, criminals break the law, and thus, gun control legislation cannot prevent gun violence as long as there is intent to acquire and utilize weapons regardless of any law.

Criminals target gun free zones for obvious reasons, especially schools.  Gun free zones are part of gun control legislation.  Today, criminals such as “Major” Nidal Hassan can easily commit murder at military bases where gun control measures are implemented.  Regretfully, Gun free zones have become locales for mass murders.

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